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The NEXT Global Economy is Being Built Right Now, I’ll Help You Find It

Pssst!   Here’s a secret. A new, resilient global economy is emerging and the timing couldn’t be better. How so?  It’s amazing luck that …

How Do You Attract Resilient People?  Give Them Room to Grow

One of the best ways to improve the quality of any community, or any property, is to provide residents with the opportunities they need …

The Humble Origins of the NEXT Global Economy.  Don’t Miss Out.

Joe Carr stopped by the Detroit Maker Faire in Dearborn over the weekend and sent me some excellent photos of what went on. What …

Produce Locally, Sell Globally.  Prosper Resiliently.  Rob at Seven Cycles Tells Us How

Here’s a glimpse into the resilient economy of our future.  It’s a chance to get a feel for the kind of economy our kids …

What?  America’s Poorest Towns Outlaw Economic Self-Improvement

Here’s something that makes me a little angry. Everywhere I look, I’m finding the same thing:  In some of America’s poorest towns, it’s currently …