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This long-term trend threatens your family. Be Ahead of the Power Curve By Making…

Simple Changes to Secure Your Food, Water, and Energy Supply To AVOID Dependence On Feeble Supply Chains, Predetory Markets, and Bankrupt Governments
What will you do when the tap stops running?

Dear Reader,

Yemen could very likely be the first country to completely run out of water.

Since the 1960s, water levels in the Dead Sea have fallen almost 150 feet. 19 of their 21 aquifers have water tables dropping by over 6 feet per year.

No water to be found

No water to be found

The country’s capital, Sana, has made tap water available once in every four days [a smaller city further south only has one day of water every 20 days]. Even with this rationing, they expect to run dry within 6 years.

Nothing will make the water return. No government action, no conservation method. Desalinization efforts will hardly make a dent.

You may have become immune to the headlines discussing the unprecedented shift across the globe. Drought conditions, extreme weather patterns, geopolitical risks, financial meltdown and high unemployment are only to name a few.

Those are what make headlines. Behind the scenes, a fragile, interconnected system is quickly coming apart sometimes all too gradually.

You may not know it, but the across the globe, the tropical zone is moving north. In fact, the tropical band which includes a majority of the globe’s rainfall shifted 5 degrees in latitude, or 343 miles.

It took over 400 years to do so at first. Now Scientific American expects it to happen again in the next 85 years.

The damaging effect is flooding in places that have never seen it. Last year, Canada was 90% behind in planting its wheat because of muddy fields.

All the while, Texas and Mexico were suffering their worst drought in decades.

You see, as the tropics move further north, the subtropics follow.

The subtropical belt suffers severe drought. You’re seeing the effects in the southwest America’s, but you probably don’t know how severe this has been in the Middle East.

A Movement To Combat the Horrific Trends

While most bury their heads in the sand or may seek government or business solutions, there is a small group that is securing their future.

Two things can happen to this group.

They will profit, or they will sustain. By the way, there’s nothing stopping them from using these new strategies for their own profits.

Those with their heads buried have a less than gloomy future to look forward to.

Whether you were aware of these troubling trends, you probably know most are too paralyzed to take control of their future. You may be one of them.

What you may forget is that there are small changes in your daily lives that can secure critical supplies for your family…

…And you won’t need:

  • endless storage [and continuous replacement] of emergency food supplies
  • underground escape plans
  • large capital investments in XYZ
  • heavy firepower
  • expensive ‘toolkits’ repackaging everyday items

Fortunately, two things are in plentiful supply that will sustain your family for years into the future. But you must learn to properly harness them

In fact, it doesn’t even matter WHICH disaster may come…

The SAME solution for an energy, water or food crisis

We’ve spent years to arrive to this solution. And now it’s a solution that has been implemented in our households. We’re prepared.

We’ve made the small changes that put us in control of our outcome.

This sort of work gives us a unique perspective on global trends. These trends take years to develop and don’t make headlines. But honestly, you probably won’t be surprised if some of these breaking points are hit tomorrow. Then the news agencies will work backward and explain why this ‘black swan’ event was so obvious.

You often see politicians or claims for independence. Always optimism that someone will come up with a solution.

But those haven’t and won’t happen.

This realization wakes you up to the points in your life that you could have used to take control. The simple changes that can be made to free yourself from the thralls of conflict.

To be resilient. To be fine.

We’ve seen one trend that puts everything at risk you’ve worked hard to earn and acquire through your time.

Maybe it’s best said from a passage out of our friend John Robb’s Amazon Bestselling book, A Brave New War, from 2007:

This trend is in the process of putting ever-more-powerful technological tools and the knowledge of how to use them into an ever-increasing number of hands. Economically, this is fantastic news. This transfer of technological leverage means faster productivity growth and improvements in incomes. Within the context of war, however, this is dire news, because this trend dictates that technology will leverage the ability of individuals and small groups to wage war with equal alacrity.

Within this larger context, the conflict we are now engaged in is merely a waypoint on this trend line. The threshold necessary for small groups to conduct warfare has finally been breached, and we are only starting to feel its effects. Over time, perhaps in as little as twenty years, and as the leverage provided by technology increases, this threshold will finally reach its culmination — with the ability of one man to declare war on the world and win. Now, with every improvement in genetic engineering and nanotechnology (only some of many potential threats), we come closer to the day when a single person will have the budget, the knowledge, and the tools necessary to make this future possible.

Small Groups Are Making A HUGE Impact (and You Can Too…)

It’s an alarming change and we’re seeing these small groups wage war on our supply chains, impacting our energy sources and potentially targeting critical water and food supplies.

  • Anonymous
  • Arab Spring
  • Al Queda
  • Pirates seizing ships off the African Coast

These individuals or small groups can dramatically impact your everyday life.

And the war isn’t always as distant as it seems. Economic times are as tough as they’ve been since the Great Depression. It’s the game changing technological advances that are enabling us to keep our current standard of living.

At best, we’re in for a long plateau with no improvement of one’s daily standard of living.

At worst, we’ll see a rise of famine and death.

But as the trend for the past 200 years of political and economic power shifting to the privileged few, my counter-insurgency intuition has kicked in.

Technological advances in health, communications, and science have significant economic benefits. Innovations now arrive at lightning fast pace.

One person can change the world.

Zuckerberg has done it with Facebook. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with computer usage. Hawking has done it with theoretical physics. Heck, maybe you could even say Al Gore made a major impact with his global warming message [whether you agree or not].

It’s not necessary that you change the world. What is necessary is that you change the way your family interacts with the world.

The best news is that the changes are simple

Small changes to your daily routine that make a big difference. Minor changes in your interaction with your local community.

These leave lasting impact on your world.

You’re not alone in these endeavors. It has become clear though that a growing contingent is finding ways to remove their reliance.

They are contrarians. Going local. Profitably.

They are innovators. Finding new ways to carry out an old task.

They are efficient. Reducing waste within their supply chain.

They are sustainable. Producing a surplus of food and energy.

Most of all, they are RESILIENT.

To accomplish these tasks, they combine the innovation of technological advances with a healthy dose of what enabled our predecessors to survive in any economic, political or social climate.

They view the shifting power curve to their advantage, staying ahead of the masses. This leaves their income, their food supply, their water sources, the legacy they leave for their family untouched.

You see, the decision to become resilient is a generational movement.

Maybe it was your grandfather who purchased gold and said that governments always devalue the currency.

Or your uncle who was a farmer and taught you how valuable fertile soil and water supply is to his livelihood.

Or maybe there was just that guy you met in college who always seemed to get his way through. He had the network and know-how to stay a little ahead of the trouble.

Those experiences leave a lasting impact on how you view the world.

All too often, you get tied up in daily life. Stuck making it paycheck to paycheck, job to job, to really extract these life lessons of thorough planning and staying ahead of the curve.

Fads come and go, that’s why so many have closets full of clothes, garages full of widgets and investment accounts sitting on capital losses. You’re no better off chasing fad after fad.

The small changes this growing contingent is making have a lasting impact on their legacy. And no matter what, they’re NOT WORSE OFF.

This group is utilizing renewable resources to control the most necessary requirements to feed their family. Food and water.

Did you know it’s possible to acquire over 6500 gallons of water in the driest areas of the Arizona desert?

Luckily there are two things that won’t go away. Sun and water. Well at least the experts tell us we have another 5 billion years of sunlight. Water, of course is a different story.

Although the much of the globe is facing drought, there’s no evidence that global rainfall is decreasing. Rainfall is more sporadic, leading to more run-off. Temperatures are higher, leading to more evaporation. Shifts in the tropical zones are reallocating the distribution of the rain. Pollution leads to less consumable water.

But on the other side, we waste more water than we use.

Over 2.5 billions per day are wasted watering the world’s golf courses. Then flooded with pesticides to make sure it can never be used again.

Another 5.4 billion gallons are wasted in the US alone on inefficient fixtures and appliances.

You see, it’s not as much about passively consuming water, but becoming an active producer of it.

That’s why we’ve written a special report called ‘Water Abundance: How to Declare Your Water Sovereignty’.

Water Abundance

It’s the first complete report for Resilient Communities.

Today, we’d like to give you this report for free.

This comprehensive report explores the reason water is becoming such a scarce commodity. More importantly, it covers a simple technique you can use to provide food and water to your family without interruption.

Here are a few of the highlights from ‘Water Abundance: How to Declare Your Water Sovereignty’.

  • Why climate change is going to be a global catastrophe
  • How to produce water for you, your family and your community
  • The three things you need to begin capturing water
  • Eight principles from “the Rainman”
  • Using swales and brumes to control water flows
  • A calculation of the square footage needed to harvest enough water to supply your family with water
  • Nine simple water saving tips that are used in Australia
  • Pictures and tools used to collect rainwater
  • A sample rainwater irrigation system, complete with pictures of each step in the process
  • Q&A with an innovative expert on how these tactics can be used to grow a local business
  • And most importantly…how easily a family of four can use these methods to have enough water to grow a large and bountiful garden

Using this method, you could acquire over 6500 gallons of water per year from an average home in the driest locations of Arizona.

Water may be the most important factor in the next 100 years. That’s why we felt obligated to share what we’ve learned on this topic with you. And better yet, as a free bonus.

It’s Resilience That Really Matters…and Good News…It’s Easier Than You Think

We’ve met dozens of experts, traveled to many existing communities seeking to be ahead of the trend, and coined the term resilient community to separate this movement from the sustainable communities who seek to shelter themselves from society.

A resilient community isn’t about separating itself; it’s about changing the dynamic of its interaction with society. Rather than consuming, they produce. Rather than sustaining, they innovate. This keeps a resilient community exporting value to the world rather than just living off it. This is what makes a resilient community stay in front of the power curve. Always able to adapt to any trend that may appear or sudden shocks to the system that are bound to occur.

These groups and individuals are becoming more common, but they’re all seeking direction. Groups in France are finding amazing ways to use urban yardscaping. Folks in America need to know.

After publishing for 8 months and getting thousands of emails for more specific information, we decided to launch a service called RESILIENT STRATEGIES back in November 2012, and since then members have received monthly issues packed with strategies for resilience and self-reliance.

The name isn’t accidental. After seeing best practices, we’ve also seen worst practices. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve talked with experts who know what their doing, and others who are shooting for a pipe dream.

Our purpose is simple. Expose you to real, actionable information to implement in your home. We don’t want you to buy a bunker and go without communication for months at a time. We want you to make simple changes.

These simple changes will be reported to you twice per month.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Member Benefit #1: A 12-month subscription to Resilient Strategies [a $240 value @ $20 an issue]

Your easy to implement guide to turning your family into a productive powerhouse.

Each month, you’ll receive in-depth research on the different options to secure your family’s energy, water, and food requirements. You’ll see step-by-step instructions on how to implement the strategies, along with different options to customize the outcome for your family. You’ll also get recommendations of new technologies that can make your life easier.

You’ll also get best practices that we’ve seen used around the world, in every climate. Dry, wet, hot, & cold, Resilient Strategies will report on how you can make it happen.

You’ll also an insider’s view of what we’re personally doing to boost our resilience. It’s not just me talking about these strategies. We’re implementing them for our families as well to show you it can be done in our suburban homes.

Member Benefit #2: A monthly member’s only case study or expert panel [a $564 value @ $47 a session]

Each month, you can be a part of a live conference call, so you can hear from insiders and experts on how to gain control of your future. This won’t just be a one way call, you will also be able to ask the experts questions through our online network.

This specific, detailed information has the potential to save you thousands of dollars/euros in mistakes and consulting fees.

It will also be a source of insight for setting up and running innovative, resilient, local businesses that can transform your community and support you well into retirement.

Finally, it’s a chance to connect with people like yourself. People interested in building a more prosperous future.

Member Benefit #3: Member’s only discounts

As we work with these experts, we’ll be sure to negotiate the best possible discounts for you. There’s nothing better than having the ability to improve your access to water, food, energy, tools, and services in the most cost efficient way. These discounts will continue to compound as we work with more and more experts.

Along with these helpful deliveries twice a month, we also have a bonus for you can if you act today.

Bonus: 10 Self-Reliance Reports – Yours For Free When You Join Today [a $300 value @ $30 a report]

Aquaponics: How to Build One System That Provides Fresh Fish and Salads

Bonus Report #1: Aquaponics – How to Build One System That Provides Fresh Fish and Salads

  • The most efficient system can be built for less than $195 and produce consistent stocks of food for your home…
  • Line by line details of what items you can buy from a local hardware store to do this project in a couple hours on the weekend…
  • Discover exactly what fish and vegetables flourish in this environment…

Freeze Warning: How to Stay Warm through Blizzards, Ice Storms and Extreme Cold without Electricity, Natural Gas or Oil...

Bonus Report #1: Freeze Warning – How to Stay Warm through Blizzards, Ice Storms and Extreme Cold without Electricity, Natural Gas or Oil…

  • Step-by-step instructions for heating your home through extreme cold weather – without the use of modern appliances…
  • 1 very simple system that has stood the test of time in the harshest conditions known to man…
  • How to beat the utility monopolies at their own game by providing your own heat source all winter long so you aren’t forced to pay their outrageous bills…

Homemade Money: 3 Profitable Local Businesses Anyone Can Start for Under $200...

Bonus Report #2: Homemade Money – 3 Profitable Local Businesses Anyone Can Start for Under $200…

  • Why you must claim your birthright to financial independence if you ever want to be truly self sufficient…
  • The truth about what it takes to create your own business – for less than you think…
  • How to decide which business is right for you…

Secret Garden: How to Feed Your Family in a Hidden Space the Size of a Shoe Closet...

Bonus Report #3: Secret Garden – How to Feed Your Family in a Hidden Space the Size of a Shoe Closet…

  • How to save thousands of dollars a year by growing your own produce…
  • How to feed your entire family in a tiny space by using high density gardening techniques…
  • How to make sure your family is well fed with nutrient rich foods no matter what happens…

Hugelkultur: How to Add 7% to Your Home and Save $543 per year with a Secret from our German Ancestors...

Bonus Report #4: Hugelkultur – How to Add 7% to Your Home and Save $543 per year with a Secret from our German Ancestors…

  • Why controlling water and consistent yields are simple once you use this German secret…
  • The ideal base you can usually get for FREE to create the natural fertilizer for your plants…
  • Why planting your crops this way will actually reduce the work it takes to feed your family delicious, fresh homegrown food

Family First Aid: What to ALWAYS Keep in Your Home Medicine Cabinet...

Bonus Report #5: Family First Aid – What to ALWAYS Keep in Your Home Medicine Cabinet…

  • Why ‘guessing’ what medical supplies you keep on hand could spell disaster for your loved ones
  • How to be prepared for most medical emergencies for less money than you might think…
  • When to replace old supplies with fresh ones… and when generic is just as good… and when you need the name brand…

Producing Protein: How You Can Leverage the Most Efficient Livestock To Keep Your Family Stocked With Protein...

Bonus Report #6: Producing Protein – How You Can Leverage the Most Efficient Livestock To Keep Your Family Stocked With Protein…

  • Which livestock will produce the most protein for your family…
  • Why the most popular livestock are the worst choice for self sustaining homesteaders
  • Where to find these high producing animals for a bargain…

Water Abundance: How to Declare Your Water Sovereignty...

Bonus Report #7: Water Abundance – How to Declare Your Water Sovereignty…

  • How you can have over 6500 gallons of water, even in the deserts of Arizona…
  • The opportunity for you to turn resilient water systems into a local business…
  • Step by step instructions for you to create a system of your own…

Herbal Remedies: How to Grow Your Own Remedies for Common Ailments and Injuries...

Bonus Report #8: Herbal Remedies – How to Grow Your Own Remedies for Common Ailments and Injuries…

  • How to keep your family healthy even if modern medicine is no longer available
  • Why herbal remedies may be better for you than drugs
  • Where to find the most potent plants to treat what ails you…

Potato Towers: How to Fill Your Family's Bellies with Delicious, Nutritious Potatoes (Even if You Don't Have a Backyard)...

Bonus Report #9: Potato Towers – How to Fill Your Family’s Bellies with Delicious, Nutritious Potatoes (Even if You Don’t Have a Backyard)…

  • How you can grow one of the most resilient, long lasting vegetables in almost any environment…
  • The simple, Do-it-yourself method to having potatoes planted for less than $40
  • Multiple designs for you to determine which fits your toolbox…

Power Generation

Bonus Report #10: Power Generation – How To Easily Install Natural Gas Generators & Solar Panels To Keep The Lights On…

  • Exactly how YOU can keep the lights on when the next major power outage comes… Even if it lasts for weeks… or months…
  • How to create your own ‘off grid’ power without sacrificing quality of life
  • How adding a resilient power System to your home can result in a massive increase in property value

That’s $1,104 of valuable insight, support, and just-in-time information you can use to take action, today.

But since we want to reward new readers to Resilient Communities, we’d like to offer this for only $197.

That’s only $16 per month to take back control and attack the weaknesses in your family systems.

Each day, you need to provide food, water and energy to support your family. Today’s environment has left those weak, outdated and insufficient. I encourage you to join me today in the quest for taking back control and breaking the trend.

As a bonus for acting now, you’ll also get a FREE month’s trial to Resilient Communities’ DIY Weekly, a premium publication delivered once a week that includes gives you easy to follow DIY projects for all of your gardening, energy and homesteading projects. At the end of 30 days, you’ll have at least four issues to keep free of charge. To continue receiving future issues, simply do nothing. If you choose not to keep your subscription to Resilient Communities’ DIY Weekly, just send us a quick email and we won’t charge you. It’s just $7 per month. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email reminding you before your 30-day FREE Trial Period ends and you just need to reply if you choose to cancel.

Join a growing group of resilient families.


Add To Cart – $197

To make this even better, we have an archive of issues of Resilient Strategies waiting for you.

In them, you’ll find a resilient way to rapidly reinvent yourself and generate an income, if you lose your job or someone you know can’t find a way to make a living.

Each month, we’ve covered the People, Ideas, and Tools necessary to make steps toward your resilience:

  • How to build an aeroponics system for only $250 that can make you $36,000 per year
  • The secret behind the super efficiency of masonry heaters
  • An easy to use comparison chart for pellet, metal and masonry stoves
  • A step-by-step guide to begin a keyhole garden
  • How you can leverage a unique method to improve soil quality in any environment
  • An open source entrepreneur shares three tips on how to get the most out of the Maker Movement
  • How to create a local biomass energy business or coop with less than $5000 in equipment
  • Plus much, much more


Add To Cart – $197

The next century is sure to be one of the most difficult in modern times. It’s going to be defined by uncertainty, turbulence, and rapid change. Taking small steps today will put you on the right path to protecting your family.

Remember, no matter what happens, you must find a way to secure water, food and energy. But we hope to do more than that for you. We hope you can not only secure these critical elements, we will help you produce excess so you are constantly in control of your own destiny.

To become resilient you need to take the small steps today, before it’s too late to do so inexpensively. It’s the only way to secure a prosperous future for your family.

Let us help you do that.

Resilient Communities

PS. We specialize on identifying and countering trends and now, more than ever, we’re concerned that the trend will impact each and every household.

That’s why you must take action today to stop the headwinds of economic and political folly.

Bad things may happen around us as individuals have the ability to circumvent critical systems to expose weaknesses.

Rather than being subject to this, you can secure an abundance of the critical resources for your family; water, food and energy.

Take the small step today to protect your family.


Add To Cart – $197

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