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Tools for Resilience

Use a great tool for building your resilience and self-reliance?

We want to know about it and share it with our 11,000+ readers!

Your personal recommendation will help all of us find the tools that make a difference — whether it’s high tech or low tech, old or new, cheap or expensive, and whether you use it in food production, water storage and filtration, power generation, home security, in the workshop, in the field or in your EDC kit.

Resilience Tools are defined broadly as anything that can boost your resilience and help you go from a consumer to a producer.

This includes hand tools, machines, books, gadgets, apps, websites, seeds, etc.

You’ll get paid $25 for high quality reviews that we decide to run, and we pay via PayPal ~30 days after the review has run.

We will use your full name if we publish your review — we don’t publish anonymous reviews.

The specific model number (if any) would be helpful

  • What is it?
  • What does it enable you to do?
  • How long have you used it?
  • Why do you think this tool is superior to others?

Thanks for submitting your recommendation. We (Paul and Dan) will consider it in the context of our past reviews and articles. We don’t publish all reviews we get and those we publish will normally go through some form of editing of the text.