Water Rates are UP 18%. Are You Getting Ready for Expensive Water?

In the past two years alone, water rates in the US have gone up by a whopping 18% in the major metro areas (in contrast, our incomes actually declined over the same period, ouch!).

We can expect that to continue.  Water costs have been increasing faster than all other utilities for some time.


Unfortunately, it’s likely to get more expensive even faster in the near future.  Why?  The water infrastructure that many of us rely upon is getting old and it’s going to be hard to replace it.

That’s going to be particularly tough to do now that the US government is in a fiscal crisis.  Here’s an example that shows why.

Let’s look at what a family of four using 150 gallons of water per day per person pays:

  • $100 a month in Boston
  • $55 a month in Phoenix or Las Vegas
  • $240 a month Santa Fe (New Mexico)

Why does the family in Boston pay twice as much even though they get TEN times the rainfall every year the same family in Phoenix or Las Vegas would get?

The easy answer is:  the Federal government paid for the water infrastructure Las Vegas and Phoenix are using.    If they didn’t, these cities would be paying rates similar to what we see in Sante Fe, nearly four times as much.


So, what does all of this mean?

Nothing, for you and your family, if you make smart choices today.    What is the smart choice?

The answer is to install a rainwater harvesting system.

In short, turn your home and your community into a place that produces all of the water that you need.

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  • http://www.brickbybrickinvesting.com Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin

    This is a very big trend that investors are getting behind. I have read numerous articles to go long water.

  • Marcus

    One of the principal reasons water rates are rising so dramatically in the U.S. is the virtual or in some cases actual privatization of our public water utility systems to companies like Bechtel and Vivendi. Your argument regarding rainwater catchment systems is still entirely valid, but the privatization element is an important factor since it’s likely these corporations will perceive adoption and use of rainwater harvesting in an urban environment as an undesirable competitive force, and thus move to squash any emerging efforts to increase its popularity, regardless of the unlikely impact to their existing or potential markets. Many states are just now starting to roll back or eliminate existing laws / regulations that restricted rainwater harvesting, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see water corporations begin to lobby for the reintroduction of these laws, much in the same way Monsanto has acted to monopolize agriculture.

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