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If you want a glimpse of the future for the US, UK, etc. all you need to do is tune into what is going on in Greece.

Greece is financially bankrupt, like all Western countries.  They just happened to get there first.

So what is going on?

If we use my friend Dmitry Orlov‘s five stages of collapse as our reference, Greece is at stage 4.

  1. Financial collapse.
  2. Economic collapse.
  3. Political collapse.
  4. Social collapse.  <– Where Greece is
  5. Cultural collapse.

What does social collapse mean?

In the case of Greece right now, it means people turn on each other:

  • burned out shells of buildings due to regular riots,
  • a spike in crime that reaches into even the smallest towns (where thefts, let alone murders, were unusual), and
  • a boom in corruption as government employees see their wages slashed in half.

As bad as this is, it can and will likely get worse.

A Resilient Option

This is the future for the West.

It isn’t something that some canned goods and bottled water can help you with.  The crisis in Greece has already been going on for four years and it is likely to last more than a decade (even if things don’t get worse everywhere else, which they will).

This is a future that we can prepare for.  A future we can avoid.

In fact, by becoming resilient we’re going to do very well, despite the challenges of collapse.

AoPC (Ahead of the Power Curve),

John Robb

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