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3 Global Disruptions to Watch and a Tip


I’m going to give you a tip on how to think about disruptions at the end of this article.  First, here are three disruptions — events that can cause cascade failures in global networks — that are at the top of this month’s scan:

  • A war between the US/Israel and Iran that can disrupt oil markets and spike oil prices.
  • Abnormal weather that can disrupt food, energy, and transportation systems.
  • Solar storms that can disrupt electrical networks by overloading transformers.

Why These Disruptions are Currently HOT

Of all of the potential disruptions out there, why are they at the top of the list?

  • The EU has just started its embargo of Iranian oil.  This will damage their national income at the very moment its economy is in free-fall (hyper-inflation).
  • Since last week’s Heavy Weather article, we’ve seen everything from record smashing snowfalls in Seattle to winter tornadoes across the US Midwest.
  • An unusually large solar storm is currently raging, and it has produced the largest/fastest earth directed plasma cloud of this solar cycle.

The Tip

I’ll assume you are reading this site and me because you are (rightly) interested in taking control of your future by adding resilience to your life (home and community).

The problem is that most of the people around you are comfortable in their abject dependence.  They are often unwilling to think beyond the latest YouTube fad or what’s for dinner.

So, you need to wake them up slowly.   One good way to do this is to use these disruptive events to “sell” resilience to the people around you (in your family or your community).  Here’s more detail on how to use disruptive events to sell:

  • Don’t focus on a single disruptive event like an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out the electrical system for months.  Instead, use a variety of different events to demonstrate what the potential impact will be on “us.”
  • Avoid overselling the impact of an event.  This usually happens when you take a single event and bring it to its illogical conclusion.  If you do this, people will think you are a nut.
  • Use the event to highlight specific vulnerabilities that have specific corrective action.  Here’s one potential script.  “Wow, it looks like (insert event here) is getting pretty close.  Makes me think we need to do something to prepare.   How about if we (insert purchase or action here).”

NOTE:  I’ll include a couple more smart ways to think about disruptive events in my newsletter.  If you want more scripts like this, let me know.


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