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Around the world, the average life expectancy of humans continues to increase. Even in underdeveloped countries, we are seeing more people live into old age then we did even just 20 years ago.

But does this mean we are healthier? Based on recent studies, it seems that we are actually less healthy than previous generations. A recent study done by CBS news highlights the fact that Americans suffer from more chronic diseases; alluding to the fact that improvements in medicine are the real reason for increased life expectancies.


For example, when data from government surveys was analyzed by a professor at the West Virginia University in Morgantown, it was noted that Baby Boomers have an obesity rate approximately 10 points higher than that of their parents.

This generation is also less active, with 52% of those surveyed reporting no physical activity whatsoever. This is compared to only 17.4% of the previous generation reporting a sedentary lifestyle.

Medicine has improved over the years without question. But it seems like more and more people are relying on these medicinal breakthroughs to survive. Today’s population has much higher risks for chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.


In a nutshell, we are not healthy. As a society, our poor health can be attributed to numerous factors including:

  • Increased popularity and availability of fast food
  • Lack of exercise
  • Environmental contaminants
  • Food additives (such as preservatives)


The list goes on and on. As part of the resiliency movement, we try to rely less on unhealthy food products by gardening and producing our own foods whenever possible. This also gives us exercise, which helps to improve our true health; not just our life expectancy.

You are reading this because you understand the factors that are combining as we speak that will ultimately result in some form of societal breakdown. It could come in the form of economic collapse, massive natural disasters, or a terrorist attack. At some point, everything will “reset” and survivors will be left fending for themselves.  This means no commercial food production, no power, and no medicine.

We apply this idea all the time when we talk about sustainable food production, self-sufficient energy and heating solutions, and income generation that does not rely on the “system.”

But it’s easy to forget that healthcare needs to be sustainable as well. As more Americans rely on a faulty healthcare system and less on their own abilities to heal themselves and live a healthy lifestyle, we are looking at the recipe for disaster.

After all, there may very well come a day where traditional doctors and hospitals are unavailable. Or perhaps they will be available, but the value of the US dollar will have decreased so significantly that all but the super- rich will be unable to afford basic healthcare and medication.

This isn’t to say we should begin concocting our own herbal remedies and completely disown professional medical services. Although herbal remedies are very effective and easy to create a home, we should be taking advantage of healthcare services when we can.

We have to draw a line between using healthcare services and becoming dependent upon them. People are living longer – by pumping their bodies full of pharmaceuticals. When these medications did not exist just a generation ago, people were healthier and lived almost as long.

Simply put, we need to remove our dependence on the current system completely. Many of us have gardens, maybe a couple of solar panels installed, and a sustainable biomass heating solution. Great!

Let’s just not forget about healthcare.

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