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How to Turn a Weakness Into a Strength


Want to peek behind the curtain a bit?

When we do, here’s what we see.

Net worth

A graph that reveals everyone is getting poorer. While this is an analysis of the US economy’s performance, it’s a trend we see throughout the developed world.

Admittedly, the graph only covers the two years between 2009 and 2011 (there’s always a lag in analysis with big data like this), but this trend isn’t recent.

It’s a direction we’ve been going in for decades.  Indeed, median household wealth is less than it was in 1980!

The durability of this trend means that it doesn’t matter which political party is in control of our governments, they have all failed.

What does this mean?

This economic buzzsaw will devour an increasing number of us every year.

NOTE:  This decline is a big reason why many people are so anxious and fearful about the future.  They can feel the ground give way beneath their feet, but they can’t seem to identify the culprit.

How do we reverse this?  How do we become prosperous when the global system is dragging us down?

We turn a weakness into a strength.

One BIG weakness is many of us are burdened with is a house that’s simply an empty box that holds our stuff.  It’s actually a cost center and not a true asset.

To turn this weakness into a strength, we need to build resilient homes.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 3.41.27 PM

A resilient home produces food, energy, water, and products.  It provides more options, sources of income, and insulates you  from failure.

When should you start?  Now.  Don’t wait.  The global economy isn’t.




JR Small

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