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How To Cure Our Own World War Z


Brad Pitt’s big summer action flick, World War Z came out this weekend.

In it, Pitt attempts to avert a Zombie Apocalypse by finding a cure to the pandemic causing it, despite government incompetence.


Like all zombie movies, World War Z is being used to critique modern society.

In this particular case, it’s the inability of governments to solve any of big, global problems that threaten to unhinge the world, even when confronted with the consequences.

The Resilient Bootstrap 

The essence of this critique is spot on — the big problems facing us won’t get fixed — but this failure to fix things is not merely due to government incompetence as the movie implies.

The big, global problems we face can’t be solved by national governments.

Globalization makes them simply too big (expensive), complex (understand), and widespread (global) for any government, or group of governments.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.  A solution that doesn’t require government action (that isn’t going to happen).  This solution has the potential to:

  • provide you and your family a better life,
  • protect you and your family from future global failures, AND
  • solve these big global problems.

The only solution that provides that result, is a resilient home and community.

A productive home and community that makes, grows, and does more locally.   A networked community that can connect with the world for the rest.

This resilient bootstrap is something everyone in the world can implement right now.  Today.

There’s nothing stopping us.




colorado john

PS:   It’s important to understand that the resilience I teach is different from other proposed grassroots solutions.  It DOES NOT require:

  • …buying gear and goods that can only be used if an apocalypse occurs.  
  • …cutting back on everything to live like an ascetic.  
  • …turning back the clock on all improvements to live life as a hermit.  

It DOES require that you live a better, more meaningful life right now.   So, if you want to be at the cutting edge of personal and global change, get started by joining me right now.  Don’t waste another day.



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