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Prepping for Disruptions Like Nor’easters


Today, the Robb family is getting ready for a big winter storm that’s about to hit us.  A real Nor’easter.

Fortunately, I’ve winterized the home thoroughly, secured the provisions (i.e. lots of food and fuel in the form of wood pellets),  and installed a whole house generator.


I’ve even secured snow removal equipment that’s muscular enough to allow me to clear a couple of feet of snow from the quarter mile it takes us to access a significant roadway.   That capability allows us to get mobile quickly even if/when public and professional snow removal services are overwhelmed.

As you can guess, those preparations should allow us to bounce back from any storm related disruptions that might occur.    

It’s what real world prepping is all about.   Simply, getting the things in place that you need to survive short term disruptions to food, water, energy, and other services caused by weather emergencies and other disasters.


In contrast, long term resilience isn’t about simple survival or what you have on hand right now.

It’s about a productive home and community.  Gathering the knowledge, building the systems, and creating the local networks to live in an increasingly abundant future.

If you live in a home and community that is resilient, the future isn’t a threat.

Just the opposite.  It’s an opportunity for personal and community greatness and not something to be merely survived with canned goods and bottled water.

It’s a pathway to a deeply meaningful and abundant life for you, your family, your neighbors, and everyone in the world that wants to connect with you as a peer (an equal).

If you are in the path of Nemo or not.  Stay warm and safe!

Resiliently yours,



PS:  What happens when a community or state hasn’t prepared for a big event like this?   They shut down and people die.  I saw it in Tennessee in the 90’s.  I was in training in Memphis when a freak snow storm dropped three feet of snow.  The entire state shut down.  It didn’t have any snow removal equipment.  When the snow trucks did arrive from northern states, they only plowed one lane of the interstate.  The exits were blocked by three foot snow drifts that you had to ram or dig your way through.  In contrast, what happens when a home, town, state, or country isn’t resilient?  They end up like Braddock PA (worth a read).


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