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Take Control. But what does “Control” Really Mean?


One of things I strongly advocate, if you want to thrive during the turbulent teens, is to take control.

It shouldn’t matter what the global economy or your government is doing (even though in most cases, their dysfunctional behavior is working against you 24×7).   All that really matters is that you are in control.  If you can gain control, success is not only likely, it’s probable.

But…  what does BEING IN CONTROL really mean?  I can help you with that.

What  Control Is 

As a former spec ops guy, pilot, author, CEO, etc.  (control heavy professions), I’ve learned that being in control is NOT about:

  • Controlling the behavior of anybody else.
  • Control over EVERY detail and every situation (the micro environment).
  • Control of everything that’s going on in the world (the macro environment).

If you attempt any of the above, you are a control freak.  You won’t be happy with yourself, people will find you miserable to be around, and you will be unlikely to achieve the results you seek.

Real control, the kind of control that keeps you alive on dangerous missions and gets you out-sized results regardless of how difficult things become, is simple.  It’s control over:

  • Preparation.  Planning.  Skills.  Resources.  Enter every situation ahead of the power curve.
  • Direction.  No plan survives first contact.  Know where you are going.
  • Process.   How you get things done, matters.

As you can see, real control is about knowing how to think correctly.

People in control, the way I’ve described it above, are naturally resilient.   Disruptions are dealt with quickly, fellow travelers/collaborators are easy to find/partner with, and opportunities are rapidly seized.

Obviously, control can be learned, and it doesn’t take a genetic marvel to master it.  All it takes is a desire to do so.

So, if you want to learn how to gain control before events give you the bum’s rush out of a successful future, stay tuned.

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