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CobraHead Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool Review


It seems counterintuitive that a simple, $25 tool could be an absolutely vital resource in your permaculture food forest – or backyard garden – but the CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator is that tool.

I first learned about this invaluable garden implement nearly 10 years ago when I participated as a will-work-for-food volunteer for a local organic CSA. After just one weeding session with the CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator, I was hooked. The tool is amazingly lightweight and ergonomic from handle to tip. It balances in your hand, enabling stress-free routine garden maintenance, even for those of us with some arthritis in hands and fingers.

The CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator handle fits even smaller hands; the curve of the shaft eliminates those awkward wrist motions required by conventional, straight weeding thingamajigs. But the business end of the CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator is its secret weapon. The sharp tip enables you to surgically remove tiny weeds from between, say, delicate carrot or onion seedlings. And the spade-shaped edges allow you to scrape surface weeds from larger areas in more established veggie, flower, and perennial beds.

This is one tough tool. Each year I edge and remove another foot of turf to expand a large garden bed surrounding my shrinking front lawn. I plunge the CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator into each chunk of turf and the clump comes out like an ice cube released from its tray on a hot day.

But I feel compelled to offer one caveat. Whenever I garden elsewhere – at friends’ homes, the community garden, or the senior citizen center herb garden – people gravitate toward the CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator in such an enthusiastic way that I realized I needed to print my name on the handle.

– Cynthia E. Field

CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator


Manufactured by and available from CobraHead

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