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Is This The Most Beautiful Natural House You Have Ever Seen?


This is a story of life, of living, of finding love.  It is a tale about a Man and a Woman, of nesting, of preparing life together, and of building the home of one’s dreams and imagination.

Beautiful home

This is the story of Charlie and Meg.  They built that dream, and it was beautiful. The pictures of their build and their completion went viral on-line and transformed the minds of millions of people as to the potential of building from the land, making use of what is provided in terms of lumber and earth, and turning it into something only fairy tales speak of.

Roof rafters

Feast your eyes upon the natural timbers. And then watch Charlie’s Story unfold below before moving on through the construction of the home:


Natural home frame

The togetherness of friends coming together to work for their build:

Natural home building

The consideration for the native land and use of local materials is extraordinary

Natural home build

Charlie is quite the skilled craftsman as well, and he uses those skills to make a living:

Wood carving art

Below: The extraordinary interior before it was occupied.  The creative technique of construction by finding the pieces to fit the need, and working with what you find creates an artistic impression and we have seen that Charlie is definitely an amazing artist, but also with every piece of wood placed, one thinks about the ecological savings; Each beam you purchase from the lumber store has been cut and transported, sometimes from overseas.  The required fuel to get it to a place is immense.  And here on “his turf,” Charlie was able to discover and find and assemble all of this with little need for fuel or store-bought supplies.

Next to the hobbit homes from “Lord of the Rings,” Charlie’s place is a most popular natural home shared the world over, and giving a shining example as how to build from your own land.

Natural home interior

Natural home in winter

Natural home exterior


That doesn’t mean it’s easy, because it’s hard work.  That doesn’t mean it’s cheap, because time is valuable, and it takes a lot of it.  But you can start with nothing, and build yourself a home, and Charlie shows us how.

He mentions in his video that he had built many treehouses and forts, so the boundaries for which he should have to pull permits to do something a little bigger seemed grey to him.  This was just the next step for a boy who knew his land and how to build from it.

Natural home rafters


The earthen plastered wall behind the stove has tremendous heat retention properties, and will radiate the heat provided by the stove for days.

Plastered wall

Natural home roof

The living roof helps keep the house cool in summer and provides insulation in winter.

Natural home living roof


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