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This New Life Saving “Drinkable Book” Can Provide Clean Water For Up To Four Years


Here’s a life saving tool that may change the lives of less fortunate people all around the world but it could also see its use in more developed countries.

The Gift Of Water has unveiled The Drinkable Book, that is a book full of pages that can actually filter water while also teaching proper sanitation & hygiene to those in the developing world.

As they state, “Each book is printed on technologically advanced filter paper, capable of killing deadly waterborne diseases. Each page is coated with silver nanoparticles, whose ions actively kill diseases like cholera, typhoid and E. coli.”

99.99% of bacteria is killed, making the filtered water comparable to tap water in the United States of America.

Each page is capable of giving someone up to 30 days worth of clean water, and each book is capable of providing someone with clean water for up to 4 years. Not bad!

But it gets even better. According to The Gift Of Water it costs only pennies to produce, making it by far the cheapest option on the market.

Now, I know it’s intended for third world countries, but my questions is when and where can I buy one for myself?

I’d happily sponsor a couple books for those in need but I’d love to have one in my bookshelf as well, because every other month I read in the news about some broken sewage pipe or other drinking water contamination that forces people to boil their water for several weeks.

With one of these books that would not be a problem.

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