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From A High Maintenance Lawn To An Abundant Food Production System In 90 Days


Watch Paul Taylor transform a high maintenance lawn, including building a contour dam and swale, into an abundant food-producing system that will produce tons of food annually.

There are over 30 million acres of lawn in the US supporting a lawn care industry of close to $30 billion annually. Imagine if just 10% of that lawn was converted into food-producing systems. The abundance of locally grown food would be jaw-dropping.

What do you think about the transformation? I found the decomposable mulch sheeting that they put on the grass interesting. It sure looks handier than laying down cardboard or newspapers one by one.

When I constructed my growing beds here at Walden Labs HQ I was lucky to get my hands on big rolls of unprinted newspaper straight from the printing house so I just had to roll them out. So check with your local printer first before you start collecting old newspapers!

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