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Getting paid to become Resilient


Hey folks.  Here’s a simple, but powerful, question:  can I get paid to become resilient?

I think the answer to this question is YES YOU CAN.  Further, I believe it’s a smart way for both you and your community to increase your future success through the production of:

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Products

The big questions is:  how do you actually do it?  One method is to start a business that targets a niche market.  Something that can earn you at least $1,000 a month in income through a part time effort.

Here’s an example of that from a California company called Baia Nicchia Farm.  It’s a nursery that grows a variety of plants that it sells to local farmers and gardeners.  It also sells produce to local restaurants.

What’s more interesting is that Baia Nicchia recently started a seed business called Artisan Seeds that grew out of a collaborative breeding project.  Artisan Seeds plans to sell the seeds of the amazingly decorative Tomatoes this project developed.  To expand on their current niche, they are in the process of trying to find funding for a new product:   Ethiopian pepper and mustard seeds.  Early testing has shown that area restaurants love their taste.

Growing a Niche:  Ethiopian Peppers

Baia is currently trying to raise money to do grow the Ethiopian plants it needs to sell the seeds.  They launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $22,000 they calculate that is required to grow the necessary seeds.

Ethiopian Pepper

NOTE:  Unfortunately, I suspect that they won’t raise the money requested.  Why? Lots of simple mistakes.  In the near future, I’ll provide more detail on how to avoid these mistakes to maximize your potential of success.

For our purposes today, however, it’s enough to know that the idea behind it is sound.  Essentially, there are an amazingly large number of niche, artisanal products out there that require resilient, local processes to produce.  It’s also possible to build a community of customers and collaborators around a niche product that can provide you the income to make it worth your time.

The net result, you can get paid to future proof your life.  Help you neighbors copy it and you are on the start of a resilient community.   Lots more to come on this topic.  Stay tuned.


Your always finding smarter ways to become resilient analyst,

John Robb


PS:  If you know someone that:

  • would benefit from an extra thousand a month of a part time income
  • and is interested in working at home or locally, doing something that matters.
Send them this letter.  It might spark an idea that changes their life.


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