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Is a Terrorist Attack on the Power Grid Just Days Away?


Around 1:00 AM, a man slipped into an underground bunker off Route 101 outside of San Jose, CA…

…using a pair of wire cutters, he snipped all the telephone lines.

Then, a few miles away, a figure dressed all in black waved a flash light in the darkness.

At this signal, his comrade fired his AK-47 into the darkness…no doubt aided by night vision goggles.

20 minutes and 100 bullets later, this lone gunman destroyed a vital Northern California power station.

“They surgically knocked out 17 giant transformers that funnel power to Silicon Valley. A minute before a police car arrived, the shooters disappeared into the night.”

Wall Street Journal

It took 27 days to bring the power station back to life.

Although you may not have heard this story, I promise you it’s not fiction. It happened last year and while the government and power companies tried to keep it hush, hush – I’m telling you about it to warn you…

…because I believe another attack on our power system is imminent. And it’s not just me: “My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal” for future attacks, added Mark Johnson, a former power company executive.


…the U.S. power grid is outdated, fragile and literally crumbling in places.

Last year, New Orleans suffered a major power outage that shut down a water processing plant…the tap water was contaminated and local residents had to stock up on bottled water before it ran out. Here’s the thing though…the electrical system powering that plant was constructed in the 1880’s!

That’s just one example of the outdated crumbling power grid that we’re all at the mercy of…

…and that’s exactly why the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. Power Grid a “D” Rating (meaning it’s just one step away from “immediate failure”).

And when the lights go out, like they did for 50 million people in the Northeast in 2003, or when the brutal winter storms caused outages in the Midwest this past winter – what will you and your family do?

Will you be prepared or will you be a victim?

Around here, we talk a lot about building resilient, sustainable systems in our homes and communities. We know that the current systems are fragile and barely hanging on right now. One little shove will completely disrupt our lives.

It could be terrorist attack like the one I mentioned above.

It could be a severe storm like the ones that ravaged the Midwest this past winter.

Look, this system is broken and it’s not your fault. But it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

I don’t want you to be a victim when this day of reckoning comes. And it will be here soon.

I’ll show exactly what you need to know to protect yourself and secure power, water and food…no matter what happens…right here.

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