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Maker Monday: A Resilient Manorial Estate?


Hey folks, I have an interesting and unusual approach to building a resilient community today.

I’d like to introduce you to the Tempelhof community.

After three years of planning and raising money, the Tempelhof community found the perfect place in late 2010.

Their foundation bought a medieval manor and associated village on 31 hectares of land in a rural area of Baden Wurtenburg, Germany for 1.5 m Euros.

The manor had been used as a home for handicapped children for decades, but had been vacant for 6 years prior to the purchase.  Translation:  the building’s amenities were in rough shape.

However, on the positive side of the ledger, this manor house and its associated buildings were built to easily last centuries.  They aren’t the type of structures you find in the US.  Structures made of “wood” that only last a couple of decades.

To get things ready for the community, 15 members with construction skills started work. As you would expect the first priority was to make the interior livable:

  • Insulation
  • New Pipes
  • Remodeling

Outside the manor, PV solar was added to provide power for the structure.

The next phase (2011) added agricultural buildings like the greenhouse to the right.

I’ll have more on the Tempelhof resilient community and the progress they are making in future posts/reports.  They have figured out ways to govern a community like this and how to attract highly talented members/visitors that should be useful to us.

Resiliently yours,

John Robb



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