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Share This: A VERY Simple First Step to Becoming Resilient


OK.  So, you want to become more resilient.   That’s great.

But how do you start?

One good do-it-yourself way (that you have probably heard a thousand times) is learn how to feed yourself by starting a garden.

To make it an easy choice for you, I’ve searched around for the absolutely easiest, lowest labor method of starting a garden possible.  It’s so simple and easy it’s almost criminal.  So that means there are NO excuses for not doing it.

The method is called a Sheet or Lasagna Garden since it is built in layers.  The big benefit of this type of garden is that it uses a no till approach.  That means digging is NOT required and it can radically reduce the amount of weeding you need to do.

If you have the land* that you can use for a garden, here’s a recipe for how to do it.

The big reason it is so easy is that it trades time for effort/expense.  You need to give the soil time to repair itself.  To become healthy enough to support growing food.

So, here’s what you do.

Let’s assume you have a good area picked out.

  1. Trim it down.  Mow it.  Weed whack it.
  2. Cover the area with a weed barrier.  How?  Put down a layer of cardboard.  Another option is put down a layer of newspaper (5-10 sheets thick).  That’s it.
  3. Add layers of compost.  Everything from grass clippings to leaves (rich in minerals) to manure to kitchen scraps.  Layer it up to a foot deep.  As you add the compost material, push it into row mounds to make it easier to plant in the spring.
  4. Let it cook for a couple of months.
There are a couple of things you can do to accelerate things or optimize it to specific situations, but this is really the basic recipe.
After it’s done cooking.  Plant your seeds.

If there is demand for it, I’ll do a how to video on putting together a lasagna garden.

Hope this was helpful.  If you know someone that has said they want to start a garden but always seems to put off doing it, send this recipe for a lasagna garden to them.    It may be all it takes to get them on a resilient path.

Resiliently yours,

John Robb

* Don’t have land to start a garden?  I’ll share some ways to get around that soon.

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