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Side By Side Drone Footage 6 Months On From One Of The Strongest Typhoons Ever


Six months on from Typhoon Haiyan, The Telegraph’s Lewis Whyld, who covered its immediate aftermath in Tacloban with an unmanned drone, returns to see how the worst affected city is recovering.

And what did he find? That humans are experts at adapting, improvising, and overcoming (to borrow a mantra from the Marines).

Now, with increasingly extreme weather patterns all over the globe, and our highly fragile production and distribution systems for essential needs such as food and water, more and more of us will have to adapt sooner or later.

But there are two ways to adapt:

  1. You can adapt reactively to the increasingly chaotic world we’re living in (and as you see in the video above, this is often not a pleasant experience), or…
  2. You can have the long view, i.e. the proactive view, and start adapting today to this new turbulent reality.

At Resilient Communities we’re taking the second approach, and after you’ve watched the video I invite you to join me and 11,000+ readers here on our journey towards resilient and thriving local economies.

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