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The #1 Takeaway From A Catastrophic Disaster That Happened Exactly 28 Years Ago


On April 26 1986 a catastrophic nuclear accident occurred in the city of Chernobyl in Ukraine (then officially the Ukrainian SSR). Watch the chilling video below from the closed off “zone of alienation”.

While nature and wildlife were quick to reclaim the lands around the power plant, Ukrainian officials estimate the area will not be safe for human life again for another 20,000 years.

That’s tough.

But still, there is one hopeful thing I take away from this horrific disaster:

There are very few things that communities can’t bounce back from.

Sure, there are always the threats of asteroids, bioengineered super viruses, artificial intelligence gone wild (e.g. Terminator), and all-out nuclear war.

But other than that?

Humans kick ass.

(aside from causing nuclear disasters, destroying the planet and killing each other).

As long as you’re not living on the slopes of an active volcano or next to a nuclear power plant your community can bounce back from pretty much any disaster that is thrown at you.

If you are resilient, that is.

That’s the lesson of the day.

So get resilient. There’s no better time to start than today.

Start small but start now, and remember this:

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