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What I Found Interesting This Week 12/15/12


Hey folks,

When you get discouraged, just remember one thing:

The Beginning is Near!

It’s going to take less time than you think before our communities are self-reliant and prosperous again.   Read on!

The Beginning is Near

Let’s dive into some interesting ideas for this week.

NOTE:  As always, if you find something that you think should be on this weekly list or you want to share the status of a project you are working on, please contact me directly.  I read everything people send me, but depending on the pressures of my schedule, don’t always get a chance to reply.

Recycled window greenhouse.  Detailed Instructable available.

Recycled Window Greenhouse


Aeroponics gardens are turning into a must have for restaurants everywhere.  Here’s a rooftop garden in NYC that supplies the Bell, Book and Candle.


Aeroponic mania.  Early success in aeroponics has led to a surge of innovation in designing aeroponics systems.  Clearly, there is a huge effort underway to make them modular and vertical.   Here’s an example:



The LumiGrow LED grow light.  It can even change the color of the light to maximize plant growth.  It’s expensive, like all LEDs, but the energy savings on this glow light is supposed to pay for itself in 12-18 months.   If you want to calculate whether an LED is worth investing in, here’s a very detailed calculator for determining that.


Maker’s Row.  Here’s a very cool site that makes it easy for entrepreneurs, inventors, designers and makers to quickly and efficiently connect with factories to manufacture the products.   It looks great, but from what I can see, it hasn’t gone beyond the apparel industry yet.  When I find out more, I’ll write it up.

Makers Row

Open Source Bio diesel Factory in a Trailer.  Dorn, of Farmhack, has the designs.  He needs help sharing them online in a way that people can easily use.


My Little Acre.  A pop-up raised bed garden.  Some people love the idea, others hate it.  I’ll let you decide.



Where is water being used at home?  More than half is for toilets and washing clothes, both of which could easily be done with captured rainwater….  Click the image below to enlarge (via the Alliance for Water Efficiency).

Indoor Per Capita Water Use



Chicken crib.  I like the tight design of this.  Very similar to IKEA in packaging.


Straw bale cold frame.  Cold frames allow you extend your growing season a bit.  Recycled window + straw bale.  Here’s an example.  A better design would be angled perpendicular to the sun.

Straw bale cold frame

If you find these ideas useful, please share this e-mail.  We’re building a new, more prosperous world here and EVERY person we can share the opportunity with, the faster we get there.



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