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Families Evacuated After Urban Landslide Could Be Out Of Their Homes For 40 Days


No one was hurt in this landslide, but families who were forced to evacuate from their Charles Village homes in Baltimore after their street collapsed could be looking at a long nightmare ahead.

The families could be out of their homes as long as 40 days according to the city, but let’s hope they can get home much sooner.

Now, we’re all about bouncing back from hardship here at Resilient Communities, and the fact is that being proactive about building your preparedness and resilience does make the aftermath of something like this easier to manage.

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The retaining wall that collapsed and caused this landslide was 120-years old, and the hard truth is that this is not the only case of 100+ year old infrastructure in America. Far from it.

America is literally falling apart due to its aging infrastructure.

But if history tells us anything, it is that we will rebuild it bit by bit and make it stronger than ever. Because that’s what humans do.

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